UK MUD meet 2000 photos

Well finally I have my pictures of the UK MUD meet in St Giles' Hotel, London up, from February 19th 2000 to the next morning. Sadly there are only 8 of them, but enjoy...

Kthala of Sek

Bremen, the cheeky rascal, and Kaea.

Nevvyn and Dogbolter enjoy the finer things in life.

Airk, Dogbolter, Siel, Turrican, Myrias and Zagor. I think.

Dogbolter loots the fruit-machine for all its worth, Myrias appears to be leaning on Ohdamn, Jontom takes notes.

Sasquatch caught red-handed with the rabbit he so cruelly mutilated. Lemming (not Furcifer, oops) watches on, Kaea, Candlewhiff and Jontom are in the background.

Belcar shows his PK urges as he attempts to strangle Mansarde.

The obligatory Turrican-with-bunny-ears-shot.

Lots of people, the morning after. (from left to right: Ominous Black Smudge Of Destiny, Mansarde, Ohdamn, Nevvyn, Myrias, Chastity, Eben, Kaea's partially-obscured head, Sasquatch, Ocean, Bremen, Wodan. I think.)